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At the Circles Workshops you’ll be able to get your hands dirty, go a little deeper, and get answers to your questions floating around in your head. You’ll walk away with practical knowledge and action steps in order to use your words to make some big waves in our world.

Please note: Workshops are not included in the conference price. Additional cost will apply, but completely worth it!
Track I

First Contact

8:30 AM
1.5 hrs

This workshop is broken into 2 sections. Section one is a live taping of Sarah’s new podcast First Contact . Section two is a group chat + Q&A using custom journals for all attendees that prompt evaluation of how we view ourselves how others perceive us in our professional creative lives.

Section One:
Features episode 3 of First Contact where Sarah will be asking design/business questions and chatting with massively accomplished creative, Marc Hemon. Sarah will be focusing on his experience in high level design business and how his life experiences have lead him there.

First Contact is a video/audio podcast filmed in a cinematic style which focuses on designers and creatives from different locations, backgrounds, cultures, races, gender identity and more through incredibly relaxed conversation — think Hot Ones minus the chicken and plus cocktails.

Specifically, the podcast shows that simple communication and listening can lead to us to understanding more about the lens through which each person views and experiences life differently. As such, a white, male guest may seem an odd choice. Instead, this guest choice is specifically intended to show that division of conversation and ignoring some groups works again the main goal of understanding and respecting difference in general.

Ultimately, First Contact aims to find ways that, through self-growth and experience, we can help each other in the creative and business world.

Section Two:
Uses the content from the first section and dives into the specific experiences of the creatives in the room. Through the take home journals that Sarah will hand out at the workshop, guests will take a brief period to answer a few of the design and self evaluation prompts in the journal.

After the guests write their own thoughts and answers to the journal prompts, they will be invited to share answers and ask questions for Sarah and Marc will be opened up. Guest and designer interaction will be filmed (only those who wish) and we’ll talk together about how we can do better for ourselves by being authentic and questioning any cultural norms and contemporary assumptions about people that slow us on our path to our ultimate goals and life purpose.

Guest Info:
Custom designed journals, writing tools, stickers, and design handouts will be provided, so guests don’t need to bring anything.

Sarah is heavily interested in the areas of gender, race, class, etc, but navigates these topics with care. Disrespect will not be tolerated, and though the content may challenge some views, it is not aimed to alienate anyone. Everyone should leave feeling heard, respected and uplifted.


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