Wednesday, September 18

At the Circles Workshops you’ll be able to get your hands dirty, go a little deeper, and get answers to your questions floating around in your head. You’ll walk away with practical knowledge and action steps in order to use your words to make some big waves in our world.

Please note: Workshops are not included in the conference price. Additional cost will apply, but completely worth it!
Track II

BOOM! BAM! BRUSH! Unleash Your Illustration Superpowers!

1:30 PM
3 hrs

Our class is an interactive workshop for Illustrators, Letterers, and Designers who want to add truly unique style to their work in Adobe Illustrator.

Learn how to add verve to your vectors, love to your lettering, passion to your pen tool, boldness to your beziers & gusto to your graphics!

Our Illustrator Brush Workshop is an in-person, hand’s-on class where you learn how to make unique, one-of-a-kind, hand-created textures and turn them into custom brushes.  

We’ll even explore the many ways to use them.


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Circles Co. provides creatives, of all levels and backgrounds, experiences that can help propel your ideas forward. We’re here to connect you with world changing thinkers and leaders in the creative industry, and help reignite your passion for the visual.

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